Pritchard + Ure

Sustainable Vegeterian and Vegan Cafe

As a conscious business and social enterprise  we have created for you an excellent version of our core food and drink product but we want to reach out to our wider stakeholders. The local community is one of these. To achieve this we will offer regular events, talks, demonstrations and host pop ups.  This is a constantly evolving part of the business and what is right today may not be right tomorrow.  

Your Events

We have lots of ideas that fit with the philosophy of the business but we want to hear your ideas and try and host your events and ideas wherever possible. Be that a regular meet up for  a club you are involved with, a get together you want to arrange or just something you need some space for, come and talk to us. We have a fairly large cafe space, are very flexible and always open to ideas of how we can interact with our community aside from the day to day business of being an excellent cafe. Below are some of our ideas. Let us know yours.

Ethical, Sustainable Food and Drink

As an ethical food business it is only natural to host food and drink tastings.  This way we can reach out further than we are able to do with our day to day customers.  It allows us to educate and highlight issues in a comfortable and fun way to anyone who is interested regardless of whether you choose to use our day to day offering.

Social Enterprise and Conscious Business

As a social enterprise and conscious business it is natural for us to host events and talks on these subjects and to help others who are either interested in learning more or looking to operate in a similar style.  This could be in the form of one off events and regular meet ups.

Gardening and Food Growing

Situated within an excellent and award winning garden centre we naturally have many existing and potentially new gardening enthusiasts as well as beginners.  Therefore we will reach out to anybody interested in this area and host/run events accordingly.


For maximum impact we need to collaborate with other experts, be this existing suppliers or otherwise. Of course we have contacts but are always happy to hear from others.  If you do something that somehow fits into the above categories or think you have something that could fit into our thinking please do get in touch. We are very open to ideas, have a great space and a big database of loyal customers keen on attending our events.