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Coffee: Farm to Cup with Stuart Ritson of Clerkenwell's Workshop Coffee Co.

Have you wondered how the red cherry like fruit that houses the coffee bean is transformed into the black liquid in your cup? Curious about the people and processes that make it happen? Like to know the difference between natural, washed and honey processing or what it means? Maybe you want to enjoy your coffee more whilst making a more ethical choice? Join Stuart Ritson of widely acclaimed,Clerkenwell based, speciality coffee roaster Workshop Coffee Company, as he expertly guides us through the process of coffee growing, harvesting and processing through to the import and roasting process.

Stuart and I first met when he used to pop in to my Cambridge cafe, for his espresso fix as a student. He has since gone on to eclipse any coffee knowledge I have and I am happy that he has agreed to now not only supply me with great and ethically sourced coffee but give up his evening to enlighten us all a little more on something we all take maybe a little too much for granted. This will be a fun and informative evening with a charming and very knowledgable coffee professional so book early to avoid missing out.