Pritchard + Ure

Sustainable Vegeterian and Vegan Cafe

Pritchard and Ure is the cafe located on the gallery level of Camden Garden Centre. We are all one happy social enterprise. Pritchard and Ure comes from names associated with the garden centre and the charity that owns the garden centre.

Our aim is to offer the best vegeterian and vegan cafe experience we can. We set out, almost three years ago, to source ethically produced and sustainable ingredients, coffee, tea and other drinks and to offer them in a fun, causal and relaxed environment. We pay attention to the impact that our cafe has on its local and wider environment.  We consider all the stakeholders of the business which include the suppliers, team and you, our, customers.  We aim to be open, informative and transparent and offer real value.  How we bring all this together is the DNA of  our constantly evolving cafe.  We are never perfect but we aim to be the best we can be and make your visit enjoyable and memorable.

From the space we use, the furniture we collected, the suppliers we have chosen to work with to the way we manage food waste and recycling we have thought about our wider impact. and made it a part of how we operate.

Naturally food and drink supplies is the biggest area for any cafe business. Here we have based every choice on not only providing the tastiest and most natural products we can find but also on how our suppliers think about their business and their impact. To achieve this we have chosen to work with suppliers who think like we do, ensuring that sound business decisions go throughout the supply chain.

Only a collaborative approach between suppliers  who consider every aspect of their business can a socially responsible and sustainable cafe be achieved whilst providing our customers with an experience that hopefully exceeds your expectations.

Thank you for helping us make a difference.