Pritchard + Ure

Sustainable Vegeterian and Vegan Cafe

Camden Garden Centre offers an oasis of calm from the hustle and bustle of historic Camden Town and is located just a few minutes away. With ample car parking for those traveling a little farther afield.

The centre has an extensive and magnificent outdoor display of plants and gardening products.  It houses one of the largest displays of plants, terracotta and contemporary pots, roses, culinary and medicinal herbs and herbaceous plants in London.  

Established in 1982 Camden Garden Centre, a multi award winning social enterprise, to offer opportunity through employment and training to local, disadvantaged, often young people who had found themselves outside of main stream society. This was at a time of huge unemployment following the early 80's recession. The work has carried on ever since with over 300 trainees having passed through the various training programmes offered and the excellent work carried out is as relevant today as it was then.

Pritchard and Ure is proud to be part of the same structure.  Our aim, as well as to be an excellent stand alone cafe, is to provide additional income for the charity to carry on the good work being done work. In the future we plan to offer further training and employment opportunity within the cafe.

Camden Garden Centre and Pritchard + Ure are wholly owned by Camden Garden Centre Charitable Trust.